Rogue African Airline Launches To Take Illegal Migrants to Europe

Rogue African Airline Launches To Take Illegal Migrants to Europe

Just as the Valletta Summit on Migration comes to a close, news broke that a rogue African airline has started operations with the sole intent of ferrying illegal migrants across the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.

Called Trans National Airlines (TNA) and based somewhere in the Sahara Desert, the carrier has no website or agencies, instead relying on next flights’ schedules being spread by word of mouth. Secrecy from the authorities is maintained via an honour system, backed up by threats of death and / or humiliation via infidel internet meme.

Understandably fleet details are scarce, although industry figures estimate at least 26 different types, from Boeing 727’s to Cessna Caravans, with an average age of 42.5 years.

TNA seems to operate by keeping their aircraft airworthy enough for “one last trip” and attempting to avoid detection by shadowing other commercial traffic. Passengers are blindfolded during the flight, and upon landing the flight crew infiltrate them to try and avoid getting caught.

This has proven futile though, as pilots gave themselves away by having an answer to every fucking question, complaining about their meals, lodgings, and early departure times of their positioning flights.